Combatting Postpartum Blues

February 12, 2020
combatting mommy blues

After Amanda’s post on When Motherhood Isn’t What You Expected, I wanted to come up with some helpful, actionable tips for combatting “mommy blues.” You know what I’m talking about…when there’s no particular reason for you to feel down, and yet you do. When you’re feeling a little stir crazy from caring for your mini-me.

Head to the bottom of the post to download a super cute printable of this list (it’s two pages and divided into sections depending on what you need in that moment!). Please share this with other mamas!

I also wanted to share some other blogs and resources if you think you may be battling postpartum depression:

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1. Go outside

2. Hug your child

3. Kiss your child

4. Tell your child that you love them

5. List ten things you’re thankful for

6. Go for a walk

7. Do a light yoga routine

8. Take a shower

9. Listen to a sermon

10. Buy yourself flowers

11. Pray through a psalm

12. Listen to your favorite worship music. Here’s a “painful days” playlist on Spotify:

13. Call a friend

14. Have a girls night

15. Go on a date with your husband. Don’t talk about the kids!

16. Take a nap

17. Eat one of your favorite meals

18. Tell your husband how you’re feeling

19. Outsource: find someone to clean your house or babysit (perhaps a high school or college student who could use a little extra cash)  

20. Schedule a play date

21. Write out some of your favorite Bible verses and post them around the house. Check out my free printables for a printable memory verse template with some scriptures about anxiety.

22. Take a minute and just watch your child: look at his hands, feet, eyes, nose, etc. 

23. Color or paint

24. Listen to a podcast

25. Do a craft (with or without your child!)  

26. Find another family to serve: bring them a meal or meet a specific need of theirs

27. Pray for your child

28. Pray for someone else outside of your family

29. Pick a room and declutter it

30. Watch an old movie

31. Eat ice cream

32. Turn off your phone

33. Make a healthy meal

34. Text an old friend

35. Plan a dream vacation 

36. Do some deep breathing

37. Surround yourself with scripture.

38. Light a candle and take a bath

39. Write your own psalm

40. Go on a date with God

41. Tell someone how you came to Christ (AKA your conversion story)

42. Write out 5 answered prayers

43. Write out your child’s birth story

44. Write how you met your spouse and fell in love with them

45. Write something funny about your child (something they did or said that made you laugh)

46. Write a detailed description of your child

47. Write a favorite memory

48. Donate clothes/toys

49. Tell a stranger about your relationship with God

50. Write a card for someone

51. Hug someone who need it

52. Buy someone flowers

53. Share this post with someone who might need it!

54. Download this printable checklist here, when you need to fight off the mommy blues:

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