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Family Devotional: God’s Creation

January 17, 2020
God's Creation
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Weekends are for waffles (or french toast, or pancakes…) This morning, that meant guava stuffed french toast from my new favorite weekend spot: Brunchies. I don’t even have a picture to show you guys just how delicious my breakfast was because, well, I ate it. 

Today our family devotional was about the Creation. We read through Genesis 1 in Finn’s Beginner Bible. We had planned to go for a walk and talk about the things we saw that God had created, but it started to rain so we just looked out of the window instead (our house overlooks a nature preserve). 

Then we played Cedarmont Kid’s “My God is So Big” and sang it together. Tyler made up some hand motions to go with the song and Finn started to do it too, until he realized that his “big” motion wasn’t as big as Papa’s. So then he got onto Tyler’s shoulders and was really big! It was adorable and heartwarming. 

Later, he asked to keep reading his Bible before bed, so we read through it and stopped occasionally to discuss how God protects us (a theme we’ve been emphasizing because he’s been afraid at night). We read about David and Goliath (how God protected the Israelites from Goliath by using David) and then Daniel in the lions’ den (how God sent the angel to protect Daniel from the lions). He listened attentively and even asked to bring the Bible storybook into his bed for nap time. 

Not every devotional looks like this for us, but today was a reminder for me of why we’re trying to be more consistent with having these Bible reading times. I love seeing Finn’s interest grow in learning about God, and also emphasizing things that can help him throughout the week. 

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