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Free Printable Valentine’s Day Craft

February 5, 2020
preschool valentine day craft

I created this Valentine’s Day craft after searching Pinterest for something like this and coming up empty. (I was also inspired by a coloring book session we had recently where Finn very clearly demonstrated his inability to color inside the lines – so I thought we’d practice with this craft!)

Pin for later!

The idea behind this activity is to cut out little pieces of paper and have your kiddo glue the pieces inside the heart. Alternatively, you could use colored tissue paper – which could be a fun fine-motor activity for your kiddo to tear up the tissue paper. (That is, if you’re feel extra energetic and want to pick up teeny tiny bits of paper. I, however, was not in that place today!)

This activity went about the same as most activities do for us: it was complete mayhem. Within seconds, Finn had taken apart the glue stick and stuck his finger into the glue part (which had purple glue inside). The glue went EVERYWHERE (I mean, isn’t that the point of a glue STICK – it stays in one place?!). And then Finn took the bowl of paper pieces I’d cut up and dumped them out all over the glue (which meant they stuck to EVERYTHING). So, my idea of having this nice and neat gluing activity where he learns to “do art” inside the lines…well, that did not happen.

But, with some encouragement and instruction, we did manage to spread the glue around the heart and stick some of the paper pieces onto it in order to create a cute Valentine. When I asked him who he wanted to give it to, he said “Omi!” (My mom). Which made the fact that I had to throw out the glue stick and scrub down the high chair completely fine. I just love my sweet, disastrous boy.

I hope you enjoy this craft with your little one! Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @themommyofmayhem if you snap a picture before/during/after the activity!

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