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Insanely Simple & Cute Mother’s Day Craft

April 23, 2020
Insanely Simple Mother's Day Craft

Recently, for my father-in-law’s birthday, my sisters and I made a craft for him from the grandkids. It was insanely adorable – and incredibly well received. (There were tears. That’s a win in my book.)

Mother's Day Craft Simple

Unlike my sisters-in-law, I’m not a very artsy person. So I will jump at any craft idea that is simple enough for me to handle with my rambunctious boys. This one is very simple – and I made it even simpler.

Even a dad could do this craft with the kids.

This craft can be done in about five minutes (plus however long it takes the paint to dry). The picture you see here has my sister-in-law’s beautiful handwriting – but since I have terrible handwriting (and maybe some of you do too) I decided to make it even easier by putting the lettering in already. So literally all you have to do is have your kiddos stick their hands in paint and put it on the paper. In the downloadable file, I included two hearts: one without lettering and one with lettering so that your kids can paint all over the paper and it doesn’t matter. You just cut out the heart without lettering and paste it onto the one with the lettering.

Easy peasy.

For this craft, we let the kids place their painted hands on one page – and then cut out the heart and glued it onto the clean page with the lettering.

I have two options for this craft: one for moms and one for grandmas so you can make one for all of the moms in your life!

If you’re still trying to figure out what the mom in your life really wants for Mother’s Day, check out this post where I interviewed lots of moms to see what they ACTUALLY want for Mother’s Day.


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