Simple Seed Growing Experiment

This seed growing experiment is one of my favorites for so many reasons! It teaches kids about how plants grow. It gets them excited about vegetables (and fruit and flowers)! It’s simple and inexpensive. It’s genuinely incredible to watch these plants grow up close. What you’ll need for this seed growing experiment: Clear cups (glass or plastic) Seeds of any kind Paper towels (about 2-4 sheets, depending on the size of your cup) Water Dry erase marker or permanent marker (to indicate the seeds on the cup) Patience First, pick out your seeds. We did pea, green bean, cantaloupe, radish and an assortment of wildflower seeds – but you can use any seeds you want! It was fun to take Finn to Lowe’s and have him pick out which seeds he wanted to grow. Next, take your paper towels, wrap them around your hand so they form a tight spiral (so they can fit in the cup in an organized manner). Then, wet the paper towels so that they are moist but not soaking wet. They need to maintain some structure inside the cup. Then, place them in the cup so that they are snug against the edge of the … Continue reading Simple Seed Growing Experiment