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COVID-19 Devotionals for Moms Fruit of the Spirit for Moms

Peace in a Pandemic

March 25, 2020
Peace in a Pandemic
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The next fruit of the Spirit in our series is peace. This is a pretty crazy time to discuss peace. At the time that I write this, the Coronavirus is closing in on half a million confirmed cases. Countries are closing their borders and several U.S. Cities and states have issued stay-at-home orders. We can make jokes about Quarantinis all day, but this is a terrifying situation. 

So, how should we, as Christians, respond? 

In my opinion: with preparation, prayer, and peace. I’ve already written about how we should prepare for disaster, so I won’t go in to it here.

One of the most important things we can be doing right now is praying. If you head to my Instagram, I’m doing a series of daily prayers for this pandemic. Please join me as I pray for our world in crisis. 

Lastly, we should be at peace. We’ll get into the how later, but let’s talk about what peace is first. 

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COVID-19 Devotionals for Moms

Finding Calm in the Storm

March 23, 2020
Calm in the storm
For the busy mom: listen to an audio recording of this post!

When I was a sophomore in college, my family went on a 10-day Caribbean cruise over the Christmas holiday. On the last night of the cruise, our ship encountered the outer bands of a tropical storm. I woke up in the middle of the night to the ship rocking so hard I thought it would rock me right out of bed.

We had recently watched the movie Poseidon – where a cruise ship capsizes – and in my pitch black cabin, armed with those images of the flipped ship, I was terrified. I crossed the hallway to my parents’ cabin and jumped into their bed. From their porthole, we watched the massive waves crashing against our ship. Over ten years later, I still remember that sight.

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