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The Tech

A novel set in the near future when people have artificial intelligence embedded in their brains at age 18.

Eventually the car turned and came to a stop in front of a giant gate with a sign: Camp Genesis. A fitting name for a place of people trying to play God.

They, too, were building a tower of Babel into the sky. Except instead of mixing mud and clay to make bricks, they were fusing computer chips with teenage brains to try to crack the code of infinite knowledge.

Seventeen-year-old Alexandria Goldman has lived a life of luxury as the daughter of The Tech inventors.

A countdown clock displayed on Lexi's bathroom mirror counts down the seconds until she can get the Tech on her 18th birthday. Everything in her life has led to this point.

Until she meets Daniél, an aspiring boxer from a Techless family carrying a heavy burden. He is genuine in a way she's never seen before in a world full of Techies.

For the first time in her life, Lexi is confronted with the problems surrounding her AI-filled life.

When something disrupts all of the Technology in the country, Lexi has to figure out how to survive in a new world, where she is being hunted for something her parents gave her right before they died.

As Lexi crosses the country to try to find Daniél, she learns to define herself, not by her circumstances, but by her own making.

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Tiffany & Tyler Chacon


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