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Tissue Paper Watermelon: A Fun Summer Sensory Play Craft

July 30, 2020
tissue paper watermelon sensory play craft

This super cute and fun summer craft is from our resident arts-and-crafts director: my sister-in-law, Amanda! And, of course, her sweet daughter, Lily. This tissue paper craft doubles as sensory play because what kid doesn’t love playing with tissue paper?! It’s also fantastic fine motor practice for your little one!

Supplies for Tissue Paper Watermelon Craft:

  • Card stock/thin cardboard or paper plate
  • Green, red and pink tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Black material for seeds (tissue paper, construction paper, paint, etc.)
  • Optional: popsicle sticks & glue gun

Instructions for Tissue Paper Watermelon Craft:

1. Draw a semicircle line on a piece of paper, thin cardboard, or even a paper plate. 
2. Pull out green, red, and pink tissue paper (one sheet each can suffice) and let your little one play and tear it up. 
3. As they tear it up, use a glue stick to adhere the ripped up pieces inside the semi-circle. Paste the green ones along the line. Encourage your kiddo to crumple the tissue paper into balls while demonstrating it yourself. 
4. Once you’ve filled the semi circle, let them play and crumple it up some more just for fun! My girl just wanted to tear all the glued pieces off so I just re-stuck once she had her fill of ripping! 🙂
5. You can make the little black seeds with whatever you have handy. Black tissue paper, construction paper, or even paint. I did this step myself with fabric paint bc it’s what we had and my girl is a bit young to use that.
6. Optional: Once it’s done you can cut out the watermelon and add popsicle sticks as a holder for a makeshift summer fan! I used duct tape for this step, but a glue gun might hold better long term. All done!


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