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What Dads Really Want for Father’s Day

June 14, 2020
what dads really want for Father's Day

If you’re wondering what to get your husband for Father’s Day, look no further. You helped me corral your hubbies into answering a survey for me, and the results are in! Here’s what dads really want for Father’s Day…

First, how important is Father’s Day, really?

The average rating out of 5 stars was 3.5 stars – which basically means: they enjoy Father’s Day, it makes them feel appreciated, but perhaps they think about it a little less than we do about Mother’s Day. 

Now, on to the good stuff.  

What dads really want for Father’s Day:

Survey options and responses

#1 – Bow chicka bow wow

75% of respondents listed this option in their top 5, 100% of respondents listed it in their top 10. One respondent said: “bow chicka bow wow pretty much sums it up.” There you have it, ladies. 😉

#2 – A special meal

Take some time this week to ask your hubby what his favorite meal is and prepare something that is meaningful for him.

#3 – A handwritten card

I was pleasantly surprised by how many dads put this in their top 5! This tells me that dads want to be appreciated and they relish us articulating how much they mean to us.

#4 – A night out without the kids

That sounds like a win-win. A few respondents added that they would appreciate special time with their kids.

#5 – Handmade or sentimental items

Turns out, our husbands are big softies. When surveyed, it seems like the things they really want are time with us and sentimental, thoughtful items. Who woulda guessed it: they love us! 😉 

A few honorable mentions that dads want for Father’s Day:

– A new gadget/electronic

– Sporting equipment 

– A massage (I think this can fit into the bow chicka bow wow category;))

– Clothing

– A hobby-related gift 

Well, mamas, I hope that’s helpful! It seems like the bottom line for our guys is that they want to spend time with us, they want to know how important they are to us, and beneath all that bravado and chest hair, they’ve got a soft, squishy heart that beats for their families.

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