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What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

April 23, 2020
What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is upon us! This COVID quarantine is doing strange things to the time – it’s as if time is going faster and slower all at the same time. How is that possible?!

So, I asked and you told me what you REALLY want for Mother’s Day! Share this with a dad in your life – let’s spread the word about what moms actually want for Mother’s Day.

Some advice to the dads on Mother’s Day:

Talk to your wife or mom about what she would like. Ask questions like: What do you envision for your ideal Mother’s Day? You make every day special for us, how can I make your Mother’s Day special? What’s something we can do for you that would make you feel extra appreciated on this Mother’s Day? You can still add your own special touches, but I guarantee that your wife has something in mind that she would like for Mother’s Day. Work together with your kids to make that happen, and to make it extra special. It’s safe to say that you can’t ever go TOO overboard for Mother’s Day.

Here’s some ideas to get you started:

#1 – A Day WITHOUT Cooking and Cleaning

Hands down, this is the best gift. We ALL want this.

And this doesn’t mean that NO cooking and cleaning gets done! We don’t want a day without cleaning just to have to do double duty on Monday. (Can I get an “amen!”?!)

One of my favorite “gifts” that Tyler has given me is deep cleaning the bathroom – to MY standards. What a guy, right?!

I guarantee that if you vacuumed, wiped down countertops and scrubbed a few toilets, your wife would feel like the Queen of the world!

#2 – A Spa Day

We all could use a little R&R these days – and mentions of a spa day dominated mamas’ wishes. Massages, manicures, pedicures, a facial…dads, you cannot go wrong with a gift like this.

Unfortunately with the COVID pandemic and most of us in quarantine, a REAL spa day isn’t possible. One option is to purchase a gift certificate to be used after we’re all out of lockdown. Another option is to host an at-home spa day for the mom in your life.

#3 Homemade Gifts

We’re suckers for sweet crafts made by our hubbies and littles. Just the thought of a dad making a Mother’s Day craft with his children is enough to make us all swoon.

 Stephanie Egan, mom of Caroline & TJ, said she would love “for the hubs to have the kids make me some art to keep. It’s like keeping this time frozen of their little hands or feet or scribbles. Also to NOT cook or be asked what’s for dinner or lunch!”

If you’re looking for simple crafts to do for your wife or mom for Mother’s Day, here are some options:

Mother's Day Craft Simple
We presented this to my father-in-law for his birthday – and then decided to turn it into a Mother’s Day craft for the blog because it was so simple and adorable!

Mommy of Mayhem’s Insanely Simple Mother’s Day Craft for Mom & Grandma:

Teach Junkie Simple Mother’s Day Crafts & Cards

Kids Activity Blog Mother’s Day Fingerprint Art

DIY Gift Ideas for Grandparents

However, I will say that there comes a point when your kids are too old for homemade crafts. One mom said: “I want a new laptop desk and a robe. My boys are 17 now. It’s time to step it up. I have enough chore coupons to last the rest of my life.” Take note, fellas!

#4 Sleep & Snuggles

Jessika King, mom of newborn baby Amelia, said she’d like “sleep and a plane ticket to Corona-free Paris.” I think we all could use at least one of those! Getting to sleep in or take a nap is JUST what the doctor ordered for this Mother’s Day. Anna Spolar, mom and grandma, said she’d love to spend the day in her pajamas, snuggled up on the couch with her grandbabies. Sounds wonderful to me!

#5 Everyone to Get Along

Lynn Schrader, mom of Coda and Belle, said she’d like a “fun family day with no fighting from the kids!”

A peaceful, cooperative family for the day? Sounds like a dream. But dads, you can help facilitate this. Have a chat with your kids in the days leading up to Mother’s Day and make an effort to referee the kids in order to give your wife a break.

To Lynn’s husband, Andy: alternatively, she said she’d take a no-kids trip to Disney. 😉

Some Other Great Mother’s Day Ideas:

Mommy & Me Apparel

This is my sister-in-law, Andrea, with her daughter, Sophia, rocking their mommy and me headbands made by Maggie Lou Shoppe. It doesn’t get much cuter than this!

This is topping my personal list. I LOVE mommy and me shirts! (You may be able to tell from my “Mommy of Mayhem” pictures with my boys all over this blog…) Ahem, Tyler, feel free to check my favorites on Etsy 😉

Day Trip

Boy mom Enid Tchir said she’d love a “condo on the beach. Okay, I’d settle for a trip to the beach.” If this sounds like something your wife would love, plan a special day trip. To the beach, the mountains, or a local park…wherever the place, the most important thing is that she gets to be together with her family!


I never get tired of having flowers in the house. To me, this is an automatic Mother’s Day win. Ashton Mullins at Prayerful Purse said she’d love some potted flowers for her porch. So find out what your wife or mom’s favorite flowers are and track those babies down!

Watching a Favorite Movie – of HER Choice!

I’m sure she’ll want to watch Moana or Frozen 2 for the zillionth time this week…NOT!

Growing up, Tyler’s family always watched “You’ve Got Mail” on Mother’s Day. As a mom of three “all boy” boys, his mom had to take every opportunity she could to watch a chick flick.

A Bath with a Bath Bomb

Cassie Strydhorst, health coach and mom of Noelle, said she’d love “a bath with a bath bomb and supper cooked.” How pleasantly surprised would your wife be if you ran a bath for her?! Instant swoon.

Video or Photo Memento

A sweet Mother’s Day questionnaire like this one from Lil Luna would be a cute part of a sentimental gift from the kids. For kids who can’t write yet, you could record a keepsake video of them answering the questions!

Bottom line: we want to be appreciated for what we do.

The best Mother’s Day gift? For our spouse and/or children to look us in the eyes and tell us that we are loved and appreciated for all that we do for our families. No matter what happens this Mother’s Day, make sure to tell your wife and mom how grateful you are for her hard work.

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